A$AP Rocky Hilariously Roasts Playboi Carti On Instagram.

Watch A$AP Rocky have some fun and hilariously roast his homie Playboi Carti on Instagram.

A$AP Rocky got jokes y’all. Over the weekend, footage surfaced online of him straight up roasting his good friend & fellow peer Playboi Carti on Instagram, but it was all in good innocent fun however. After Carti was spotted on the explore page with a girls legs around his shoulders, Rocky decided to have a field day with it and roast his homie for the look.

“Hold up, Carti about to get it. Oh man god damn.,” Rocky starts off the clip while laughing hysterically. “Yo you old stinkin’ cheek ass nigga. You put your motherfuckin legs on my shoulder while I hit it from the front ass nigga. Put your favorite pumps on ass nigga. That bitch don’t take them ‘Back to the Future’ acid wash jeans off your mother fuckin shoulders nigga. Like it aint 2017 you bum ass nigga. Yo Carti you lucky you lil bro and I’ma let you live cause I love you to death, But you gotta chill thats all Imma say,” Rocky said.

The clip surfaces just a couple days after Rocky previewed an unreleased song called “Gang,” which you can preview right here.

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