Skillz -2017 Rap Up

Skillz -2017 Rap Up Mp3 Music Download
Skillz -2017 Rap Up Mp3 Music Download

Skillz -2017 Rap Up Mp3 Music Download


Uncle Murda gave his take on the major events of hip-hop in 2017 with his own “Rap Up” record, titled “Rap Up 2017,” and following suit is Skillz, who has also made the annual rap up record his thing– in fact, he’s been doing this thing longer than Murda. 

Skillz’s version, the “2017 Rap Up” is slightly shorter than Murda’s but not by too much, at just under six minutes compared to Murda’s nine-minute recap. As for the melodic backdrop for Skillz’s recap, he uses a beat you might recognize if you watch Power– the TV show’s theme music, “Big Rich Town.”

Skillz covers hip-hop territory, as well as events that impacted the culture and world at large, from President Trump’s shenanigans to Bitcoin’s surge to the unimaginable amount of tragedies from the previous year.

Take a listen and let us know whose recap you prefer?

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