ALBUM: Bones- Carcass

ALBUM: Bones- Carcass Zip Download
ALBUM: Bones- Carcass Zip Download

ALBUM: Bones- Carcass Zip Download

TeamSESH is one of the top names in the underground hip-hop scene at the moment, known for their dark, lo-fi sound. The leader of that crew of artists is undoubtedly Bones, who has earned himself a strong cult following on the strength of several strong tracks that he’s dropped at a good clip throughout 2017.

Now, the rapper returns with a brand-new project titled Carcass and, as that moniker would lead you to believe, this record is steeped in the same brooding, almost threatening atmosphere that has become his calling card.


Deep, booming bass and melancholic chord accents characterize most of the production, a combo that sits nicely under Bones’ equally low-register delivery. There’s a couple of songs that break free of this darkness and fall almost into a happy lilt, such as “Another24HoursOfConvincingYourselfEverythingIsOkay,” but for the most part, this is the kind of outing that Bones’ fans will surely be with.

Give the new project a listen and let us know what you think – fire material or not – in the comments.

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