MF DOOM’s 14 Year Old Son Passes Away

MF DOOM's 14 Year Old Son Passes Away
MF DOOM’s 14 Year Old Son Passes Away

MF DOOM’s 14 Year Old Son Passes Away

MF DOOM is best known for his mysterious presence and incredible music. On top of that, he’s made a clear division between his personal life and his professional life. He hasn’t dropped too much music as of recent but has been gearing up to make a formal re-entrance into the rap game. Unfortunately, the rapper broke some heartbreaking news earlier today on social media.

MF DOOM’s teenage son, Malachi Ezekiel Dumile, has passed away. The rapper hit social media to share the tragic news. His son was 14 years old and was born February 22nd, 2003 and passed away earlier today (December 18th).

The rapper shared a photo on his Facebook with the caption, “KING MALACHI EZEKIEL DUMILE 2/22/03 – 12/18/17 THE GREATEST SON ONE COULD ASK FOR.SAFE JOURNEY AND MAY ALL OUR ANCESTORS GREET YOU WITH OPEN ARMS. ONE OF OUR GREATEST INSPIRATIONS. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING US TO BE YOUR PARENTS. LOVE YOU MALI.” As of now, the cause of death has yet to be determined. DOOM hasn’t dropped a full solo album since 2009’s Born Like This and he’s been relatively scarce with dropping off solo music over the past few years. Back in August, he and Adult Swim connected for The Missing Notebook Rhymes which had Adult Swim releasing new MF DOOM songs every week for fifteen weeks. However, it got cut short at the end of September as a rep for the television channel said that they had ended their relationship with DOOM.

Our condolences go out to MF DOOM and his family.


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