Benny – Butcher On Steroids (Mixtape)

Every time Griselda Records comes through with a new release, you know you’re going to be getting two things in spades. Unapologetic, street lyricism, and gritty, raw production permeate each release from the Buffalo collective, from Conway’s recent Reject On Steroids to Westside Gunn’s Hitler Wears Hermes series, to Benny’s brand new mixtape Butcher On Steroids. Boasting production from Daringer, Green Lantern, and more, Butcher On Steroids makes it clear from the jump that Benny will be continuing to deliver that hardcore Griselda shit. On “Rivi,” Benny shines with clever lines like “pullin’ glass out the pot, water drippin’ like Splash Mountain.”

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