ALBUM: Varios Artistas – Ultra 2018

Track List:

1. Night Call (feat. Lil Yachty & Migos)
2. Best Friend (feat. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno)
3. No I Love Yous (feat. French Montana)
4. Know Love
5. Came Up (feat. Post Malone & Key!)
6. Andele
7. We Light Forever Up (feat. Frederick)
8. Addicted
9. Young and Free (feat. Priyanka Chopra)
10. Time Won’t Wait
11. Radio
12. Never Get Enough
13. For Love (feat. Klei)
14. You Make Me
15. Falling (feat. Okay Kaya)
16. Don’t You Think (feat. Aanysa)
17. Fall Together
18. Quicksand (feat. Colin Dieden)
19. Heartlines (feat. Meadowlark)
20. Eighteen
21. Blanket (feat. Kayla Diamond)
22. Wild One (feat. Tep No)
23. You Got Me (feat. Cara Frew)
24. Slow Down Love (feat. Chelsea Cutler)

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