KID INK -Shakin (No No No Freestyle)

Kid Ink flips G4SHI’s smash.

It was back in October that Brooklyn-based artist G4SHI dropped off his recent “No No No” single. Following on the heels of his “Turn Me Down” and “24 Hours” songs, the new cut has gained considerable traffic. Enough to solidify G4SHI’s role as more than just a flash in the pan. Now, West Coast emcee Kid Ink has taken the track’s backdrop to record a freestyle by the name of “Shakin.”
The last time we got a full-length effort from the Cali spitter was with his 7 Series EP this past summer, which boasted appearances from the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, Starrah and 2 Chainz.”When I put this together, I felt like I can have this 7 Series. It was a play on the word and cars and just in general, especially coming from Full Speed and My Own Lane,” Kid Ink noted of the project in an interview, noting that a continuation of 7 Series could very much be a possibility. “It played along with the fast life. From there, it was just me feeling like the word series, I can keep doing this. I can just keep on releasing the 7 Series all the time whenever I have this group of music that I want to put out.”

Until then, check out Kid Ink’s latest.

Quotable Lyrics

Came in the game and was playin’ your role
Now you actin’ like you got some plans on your own
Shootin’ and picking and reachin’
Your shit is more that just kicking, it’s speakin’
You had that night of your life so we’re even
I might disappear and I say when I’m leavin

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